Innovative Lifelong e-Learning for Professional Engineers [eProfEng]

In the 21st century the countries of the world have been experiencing a transition from production-based economies to ones based on knowledge and information. This transition changed the nature of jobs and the required skills. Competing in this global economy requires a science and engineering workforce that is consistently with the technological forefront. According to International Labor Orgnization report (ILO) at 2016: The Unemployment rate in comparison with the number of population in Upper Egypt is about 14%. The average unemplyment rate in lower Egypt is about 23%. Egypt is ranked 119 among 144 nations, according to global competitiveness... Read More.

Bridging the Gap

The engineering profession must be revisited and updated its mindset and adopt a new mission statement - to contribute to build of a more sustainable, stable, and equitable world. Engineers must adopt a completely innovative attitude toward natural and cultural systems and reconsider interactions between engineering disciplines and nontechnical fields.

The project is focusing on bridging the qualification gap of professional engineers in EG with the EU standards through developing a LLL framework and four e-Lifelong learning centers (e-LLC) in four different EG universities to create progressively evolution from establishing of framework to develop actions and connections with engineering community

Specific problems to be addressed:

  • Missing of LLL framework and strategies for professional engineers to satisfy their intellectual curiosity and career growth affirming the role of engineers as the driver of innovation, social and economic development.
  • Less or no managerial skills, team working and leadership abilities introduced in engineering schools.
  • Lack of qualified skillful engineers in LLL domain who have the knowledge and experience in innovative, sustainable development, managerial and soft skills.
  • Poor LLL infrastructure and low connection levels between professional domains with EG Universities.
  • The lack of time and finance are the vital obstacles for individuals considering LLL

These problems have been selected to be addressed for:

  • Fitting Two national priorities for Lifelong learning and ICT-based practices.
  • The selection of these problems has been done carefully after discovering the great need of engineers to fulfill the different future demands at various scales and checking that there is no concrete training program in universities for graduates. So, the engineering profession must revisit and update its mindset and adopt a new mission statement - to contribute to build of a more sustainable, stable, and equitable world.
  • The consortium partnership to be used in transferring EU knowledge in LLL domain to EG partners.
  • The success and experience gained in previous TEMPUS projects since 2005 in e- domains that will introduce a sustainable and easy access for LLL programs and/ or materials.


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